Taiko and Mark and some of the most kind and genuine people I have ever had the pleasure to photograph. They both exemplify Christ like character and are a total encouragement to those they encounter. Taiko was a friend from my Biola days and ironically, her fiance Mark was in the SAME CLASS at the same private Christian high school as my husband, Eric- IN VISALIA. WHAT. Talk about small world. 

So, at some point during the photo shoot, a passerby noted that my tire was low, Mark and Taiko volunteered their time to help me change the tire, (the spare was even lower), re change the tire, and follow me to two gas stations that I could get some air in it. (So there was a nail in the tire, I got it patched the next day, it's all good.) BUT, I was not only so grateful that they would take the time out of their VACATION in Orange County to help me, but they were so kind about it. What rare and wonderful humans they are!

The three of us journeyed to the Back Bay in Newport, which boasts some lovely views of the water, semi-fields, hills with foliage, and those awesome cat tails you see there. We also went to the Back Bay Marina and took some photos on the doc, and then up to Castaways Park- this lovely little place that overlooks the harbor- everybody should visit. Really, it's so serene there. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking at these lovely people as much as I enjoyed photographing them!