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Flores and Rios Family Christmas Photos

Glance at my website once and you'll know that my photos mostly consist of..weddings. But this family is like my family. I have been so blessed to have the opportunity to capture so many of their milestones - weddings, maternity, gender reveal (see previous blog post), and of course- Christmas Photos! I love these guys so much and you can see why in these photos. It wasn't difficult to capture their joy and love.

And who says it doesn't snow in California? Ok- so it doesn't. But that didn't stop us. 

"If I can't  find a reindeer, I'll make one instead!" - The Grinch. 

BIG thank you to Richfield Pines for allowing us to take photos in their beautiful christmas tree farm. 

Christmas is only 30 days away guys!! 



My dear friends and clients, Brian and Alyssa, have just announced that they're having another boy!! His name is Jedediah. Oh man I'm so excited for them!! Here's a couple shots from a little photo shoot we put together last minute so they could reveal Baby Flo #3's gender to their family.