One of the main reasons being a photographer is so much fun is because you get to meet so many beautiful people. And on weekends too! Weekends when we're not so stressed but just happy we can spend some quality time with our families. I can't even begin to tell you how much I loved getting to know the Salas family. It was so rad being able to see each personality come out in front of the camera. Adults are usually compliant and do whatever it is I ask them to, children on the other hand. Children are always honest and true to themselves. These three brothers, oh boy they were fantastic! DJ, Jacob, and Jayden were such great brothers! They really really loved and looked out for each other through this entire shoot. The oldest, DJ, had smiles for days, the middle, Jacob, made some of the most hilarious (but sweet) faces I've ever seen, and the youngest, Jayden, just went with it, trying to keep up with his brothers, filled with curiosity about this cool world filled with ducks, grass, and his family.  I hope you enjoy these photos and the apparent love this family exudes. I know I do!