....Of things other than weddings! We all know "wedding season" is in the summma time. Except when you live in California weddings happen all year round, and frequently. But this month, Christmas month, I couldn't IMAGINE getting married (and those of you that have, you're brave, bold, organized, and I really commend you). Christmas season itself is chaos. And as quickly as it comes, it leaves us. Reminds me of planning a wedding! (But planning Christmas is a breeze compared to planning a wedding, really.) Anyway, because of this lovely season I have had the wonderful opportunity meet loads of new people. Last weekend my lens saw some of the most beautiful lawyers you'll ever lay eyes on, and some really rad foster kids (previous blog post).

Don't these guys look great? They're an office of ladies so for Christmas, their boss took them to get their hair and makeup done, a subsequent photo shoot, and dinner. Sounds like my kind of Christmas office party! 

Do you know someone who would like to get head shots? Or give the gift of fantastic photos?? Drop me a line! I love shooting weddings but I also just love shooting (with a camera).  Birthday parties, Christmas parties, well... any kind of party really, family photos, head shots, engagements, maternities, newborns- anything that has a person or multiple people in it, really. I hope you're enjoying this week of craziness and FUN!