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Is definitely the question I should have asked my wedding photographer. She, it turns out, was great. An LA native living in Sedona, having just been transplanted from Oregon. She was my kind of girl. But I didn't really *know* her. I didn't sit down to coffee with her, really get to know her story or passions. We got lucky with her though, what if she was a terrible person? What if she didn't show up on the wedding day? What if... But don't worry, we had no disasters and a lovely experience with her. 

But, it's made me think. Do you know me? Do you want to? I want you to. I want to know you. I want to know why you're in love, I want to know about your adventures, favorite foods, favorite places, what makes you smile sincerely, what make you cry, what drives you to be the person you are. Obviously, you don't have to share any of this with me- especially if you are a private person. But these little attributes help me to understand how to capture your true self. Not the posed or copied stuff, not the captures you think you should get, but the ones you deserve to get. 

SO, let's start with the basics. My personality type is INFJ, I drink coffee, I was adopted at birth, I grew up in Lake Forest and Mission Viejo, CA. I am married, we have two black cats because they are less adoptable than the other colors, I've been to 20 countries on 5 continents (Australia and Antarctica I'm coming for you!). I enjoy teaching- whether it's English to foreign kids or SLR cameras 101 to the up and coming photographer. I love Jesus and have a close relationship with him; I rely on my faith for most things in life because relying on myself or others will always severely let me down. I went to Biola University, and after 5 long years graduated with two majors and two minors in 2012. I was a part of a great books program that taught me to think deeper about beauty and God. I believe we were meant for a greater purpose and if I am unhappy in life or with myself, I have the power to make a change. But sometimes those low times are an opportunity to learn, grow, and better myself. I am incredibly blessed to not have debt and have always been frugal with spending. I would rather spend money to travel and experience the world with my husband than anything else. However I know my priorities will shift when we start having babies! Recently, my husband and I have devoted our lives to health. Both physical and spiritual. We go to a gym three days a week, count our calories, spend more time in the word, and make an effort to go to church when I am not shooting a wedding. These things seem basic but you would be surprised how easy it is to stop trying, to stop being intentional about healthy habits. We feel all the better for it too let me tell you! 

I know there are so many elements that make a human a human. Each of us are fascinating and incredible in our own way- even when we don't feel it. Each and every one of us is capable of so much more than the world has told us we are and each of us can achieve greatness. You are a beautiful human, living in a beautiful place, filled with beautiful thoughts, and loved by beautiful people. I want to capture that! All of it! This is my greatest passion. If I am driving alone and see a gorgeous wild flower field with mountains in the background during golden hour I don't think "my what a beautiful field, I think I'll take a picture of it and hang it on my wall!" No. I think "My what a beautiful moment, if only I had some beautiful people with me right now to go frolic in that field this moment would be perfect." You make photographs interesting with your unique you-ness. 

So you've gotten a taste of who I am and some of my thoughts: now it's your turn! Talk to me! I would love to capture and write about your story! 

With peace on the inside and joy on the outside,

Ashley Adams

(your friendly neighborhood photographer)

There's No Time Like the Present

There's No Time Like the Present

Photography is important.

In this day and age with social media, iPhones and Androids, GoPros, Canon Rebels, mirrorless cameras, and unlimited selfies, photography seems obsolete… Right? Wrong. In fact, quite the opposite. With the advent of all this technology- photography is becoming more important than ever. When was the last time you took a decent photo with the person you love most? Maybe your husband, fiancé, or your mom? Your sister? Your best friend? I’m not talking about that picture you took in the driveway before Valentine’s day dinner. Yes that one was nice.. No, I’m talking about some gorgeous, out in nature, intentional photos. Intentional… That word. It makes some shudder. Technology has made it difficult to be genuinely... genuine. Facebook reminds us when it’s our best friend’s birthday or sister’s anniversary, Twitter gives us insight on our cousin’s political views, Instagram opens our eyes to what seems most important to our family members. But when was the last time you intentionally talked to them about it? In person? Without spying on their profiles to see what’s up?

When’s the last time you intentionally booked that family photography session? You see when I say “Intentional” I mean it. You have to intentionally find a date in the calendar that works for you and your loved ones and stick with it. You have to pick out some cute outfits that will make you feel confident and gorgeous (you will anyway I know it!), you have to intentionally set out one hour to get up close and personal with the person or people you love. Great photography stems from great encounters- but you have to be intentional about the gathering.

Fawned Photo by Ashley adams

Sometimes it’s hard to get out there. We always have some sort of excuse – Next year I’ll be thinner and healthier, next year I’ll have more money, next year I’ll patch up that issue with dad. And then next year becomes a decade and you begin to wonder why you didn’t decide to take those photos ten years ago! My friend, I am here right now to tell you that there is NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT.I'll give you my personal experience with this- in fact, it is the thing that drove me to write this blog post. My mother in law passed away before our wedding. She lost her battle to breast cancer in 2015. I WISH with all my heart there was a good photo of us out there. We have tons of iPhone photos, sure. We have pictures at restaurants, at family activities, my favorite one is at my husband’s art gallery opening- where I am holding a plate of snacks in my hand (sob). And it’s not just that- I mean- we don’t even have recent photos of my husband and his mom (again, we have iphone photos). ALL TO SAY this made me think… What I would give to have a beautiful framed and memorialized memory of and with her! I would pay over and over if only I could go back get that done. I reiterate- there-is-no-time-like-the-present.

Even if you yourself are an expert photographer- a professional or a hobbiest- you know as well as I do you’ll get that tripod out for a shot, file those RAW images on your computer- and never do anything with them (at least that is what I know I would do). But the type of photography now isn’t about a posed, quick! Everyone look PERFECT for one second! Type of photography. No! Photography is about capturing you and your real moments. It’s about catching the look on her face when you spontaneously pick her up and twirl her around. It’s about capturing the feelings that arise when you are just close, and snuggled up with nowhere to be except right there in the moment. We no longer have to dread putting on the matching white shirts and blue jeans, worry about the wind blowing our hair about, or spend exorbitant amounts of money on a single framed portrait (I mean you can if you want to!)- now, we can make albums full of beautiful captured moments. Tangible, relatable, hilarious and sentimental moments to laugh and cry over. Doesn't that just sound like a dream? SO what are you waiting for?! GO! Go book that session! Go pull out that dress you’ve been wanting to wear. Go call your family and tell them WE’RE TAKING PHOTOS BECAUSE I LOVE YOU AND I WANT TO BE INTENTIONAL ABOUT PRESERVING YOU IN ALL YOUR GLORY NO MATTER WHAT PHASE IN LIFE YOU’RE IN RIGHT NOW.

There is no time like the present.

I am completely passionate about making sure you get these photos taken. I cannot stress the importance of this. And because of that I would like to offer the readers of this blog post a 50% off discount when booking their family/friend photography session. E-mail me to book your session and make sure to mention this blog post!