Some of my greatest passions in life include my faith, traveling, coffee, writing, and of course, taking photos. Intertwined through all these I find one thing: beauty. 

My favorite word is an ancient Greek word: Philokalia. It means “love of beautiful things.”

I like to capture beauty for safe keeping. Allow me to do the same for you. 


My name's Ashley Adams, and that’s my husband, Eric! 

Recently, we decided to take a walk on the wild side, and get married. Which was a ride in itself! Eric and I planned our entire wedding- from building the alter, to choosing vendors, and ordering ice! (Gotta keep those drinks cool!) 

And… why would we take on such a monumental  task, all by ourselves, you ask? Well, in the beginning of it all, I exclaimed; “I work in the wedding industry, I attend weddings ALL THE TIME! How hard can it be to plan one??” Oh boy was I wrong. But, come October 24th, 2015, the day was perfect and we couldn’t have been more happy. 

The moral of this little story is this: I not only learned how to plan a wedding, but in the process, I learned how to become an even better wedding photographer. 

As a bride, I was able to see through the eyes of a bride. I knew when I wished my photographer (and vendors in general) would contact me, I knew the questions I wished they’d asked me, I could clearly see what they were doing right, and what I wished they would do more or less of. So, I took careful note. If I felt this way, could it be that most other brides feel this as well? I had spent hundreds of hours of my life, meticulously planning every last detail of the most important day of my life. I wanted my vendors to understand that. It was not something just thrown together last minute, it was a detailed and complex process that I wanted to be documented perfectly. I wanted to see strength, confidence, and communication from my vendors so I could feel confident they were the ones to take on the challenge.

Planning a wedding is like running a business, I had to hire, fire, and pay people to do small jobs for me that made up the corporation. Ultimately, business was good, the consumers (our guests) were happy, as were the staff and investors (bridal party and parents). 

As you can imagine, I know better than anybody how important this day is to you (or sometimes, your parents). I resonate with the challenges you are going through to plan your wedding and I understand the pains you could avoid in finding and working with the perfect wedding photographer. Of course, you want beautifully composed and processed images, you want your day to be perfectly captured! But you also want a wedding photographer who will talk to you, update you, and make you feel confident that you’ve chosen wisely. At least, that’s what I wanted in my photographer. 

So, please look around. Feel free to send me a note, question, or comment. I’ll respond promptly!