About Ashley

Let's start with the most important part first; I love and am led by the love of Jesus Christ! I couldn't possibly imagine what my life and business would mean without him. Seriously. I am beyond blessed. Secondly, I am joyously married to my husband Eric! We have a fur baby named Emma who we love like a child! I have an affinity for espresso shots, little cafes, traveling, sunshine, and happy e-mails. 

Photography is a means of capturing the observable universe. We can capture moments of joy, sorrow, romance, beauty, and so much more. I seek this beauty in human expression and our complete uniqueness and individuality. That is why taking photos of the most important day of your life, or the most important people in your life is so meaningful to me. 

I graduated from Biola University in 2012 with two degrees, Visual Journalism and Intercultural Studies. I grew up in South Orange County, love the beach, was homeschooled until high school graduation, and have visited too many countries to count.  



Some words we’d like to use to describe our style and philosophy are “authentic” and “real.” We want your relationship to be represented in its most raw and beautiful form. We will encourage you to be the hilarious, meaningful, genuine, adventurous and/or the fun selves you are, and to fall in love all over again. We love the forest, we love beauty, nature and amazing views. We love when you sweep her off her feet, and we love when you jump on his back and say “giddy up, cowboy!” We love when you snuggle up on your sofa, melt into each other’s arms, or talk quietly among yourselves. Whoever you are, we love every second of it and want to capture that!