Adventure Session: Sunrise Water Engagement Photoshoot in Newport Beach

Adventure Session: Sunrise Water Engagement Photoshoot in Newport Beach

I had the honor of photographing Bristol and Brandon's wedding a year ago (wait, it's been a year already?!), and because these two love birds are crazy busy being AMAZING- we never had a chance to do their engagement session. So we decided to fix that! Since they're both active, (did I mention they ran a half-marathon the morning of their wedding- I mean WHO DOES THAT?!), they wanted to go for a swim in the harbor! So we woke up and met at sunrise to get these perfectly lit "engagement" photos and the results are stunning. These guys are just too wonderful. I'm incredibly grateful for who they are and that I know them at all!!! 

Those who fitness together, look good in photos together amiright people?! 



What are you REALLY paying for, and why does photography cost SO DANG MUCH?! 

Great photography and great photographers don’t just show up to shoot. We spend time on YOU. We spend a lot of time, communicating, creating legal documents, writing emails, making sure our equipment is up to date and state of the art as well as clean and calibrated, we spend money on memory cards and hard drives to make sure your photos are backed up in two or three places at one time (so we never lose them!), we spend money on basic business expenses like websites, marketing and advertising, new programs to make our workflow even faster, paying our taxes (did you know the government takes 1/3rd of our income??), it takes time and money to get to locations as well as go location scouting! And the biggest bulk of the cost? Editing! 

I take extra special care of each and every photograph. When I shoot, I take thousands of photos (about 750-800 photos PER HOUR), after that, I don’t just throw a filter on all your pictures, I look at each image, decide which are the most perfect right out of the camera and then apply all the editing techniques to each and every photo. First I crop and straighten, then I edit the color, contrast, brightness, and sharpness. After that I take the images into Photoshop to remove any background distractions (cars, people, poles, ugly fences etc), if you look like you have a double chin or other blemishes, I remove those. If someone in your group photo is blinking, I open their eyes! Each one of your photos goes through a process and because of that, one hour of shooting = 10-12 hours of editing. 

I LOVE this process, I love everything about it! From emailing you, to meeting you, writing up your contract, location scouting, shooting your images, editing your images, uploading your images to the web, sharing them on my blog, getting them featured in a magazine- all of this =  my dream life. Seriously. 

When I was first starting off, I thought that the only expenses would be taking and editing the photos. I didn’t realize how much time and money would go into running my business. After one year of “officially” being a business (and 7 years of professional photography!), I finally understand what it means to value my work and charge enough to give you the best experience you can have! Because you are worth it! 

If you have any more questions about the costs of running a photography business or would like a more detailed and broken down costs spreadsheet, e-mail me! I would love to hear from you!! 

Until next time,